IT Company

Bigcore is a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company that works across various industries including Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Telecommunications, and Utilities. 

We are a consulting company with an international presence and over five years’ experience in the market.

We have an excellent reputation in the ICT sector and collaborate with the main companies of each different area of business activity.

  • Technology services
    At Bigcore we offer a wide range of structured ICT services in every area of activity: Systems and Communications, Security, Business Intelligence, Customized Development, etc. Our Senior Management leads the company in an approach that is firmly orientated around the client.
  • International Expansion
    Bigcore IT Consulting aims to establish itself as a worldwide company and we are in a process of expansion with clients across Europe, South America and the United States.
  • Professional Team
    Team of highly qualified professionals trained in various forms of information technology, with extensive experience in working with clients in different sectors of business activity. Our knowledge and training in best market practices guarantees our success in the ICT projects we undertake.
  • Client focused approach
    We are firmly orientated around the needs of our clients, providing efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, meeting their technological needs and offering flexible and scalable solutions. And all of this is achieved with innovation as a priority.