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Why choose BigCore as your SAP consultancy?
At BigCore we offer all the implementation and management services of the SAP IT System for all types of industries and sectors
As SAP consultants we have a high organizational capacity, proactivity, communication skills, patience, result and customer orientation and great leadership capacity.
Our senior management leads the company in an approach that is firmly customer-oriented, so we will analyze your type of business before developing our action plan
SAP experts. We can offer you the type of SAP consulting that best suits your business need, be it functional SAP consulting, SAP basis consulting, or SAP ABAP consulting
What is a SAP consultant/expert?

The main objective of our SAP experts is to accompany and enable companies to integrate SAP in the management of their resources and thus make better decisions.

To do so, we study the company and work on the data within the tool, we also do an exhaustive monitoring and ensure that the rest of the company can correctly interpret and use the SAP software.

Services provided by our SAP consultant/expert

From Bigcore we offer services through our SAP experts to assist companies in configuring the SAP System according to specific needs to optimize business processes. And for this, our SAP consultants begin by examining the client’s needs in order to determine the parameters to be introduced in SAP by analyzing the operation of the company and studying each sector of the company.


They then provide expert advice on:
  • SAP functionality in order to use the best business processes as provided in this system
  • Assistance in mapping data transfer from legacy or legacy systems
  • Determine the requirements for standard SAP reports and any required custom reports and paper forms requirements


Assist the client
  • In developing business process descriptions
  • They carry out implementation and training workshops for SAP end users


In addition, they provide:
  • Guidance on the test plan in order to ensure that all scenarios are covered and coordinate with other modules, according to the integration requirements
  • Functional specifications to the technical team to carry out custom development

They are in charge of managing the SAP Netweaver operating platform, so that it always works correctly optimizing resources in the system, so they are in charge of:


Our expert SAP Basis specialists have as their main responsability the administration of the SAP environment ensuring the integrity of the system, this includes:

  • Maintenance tasks
  • Updates
  • Generation of backups in order to have a backup of the information

They are in charge of managing the SAP Netweaver operating platform, so that it always works correctly optimizing resources in the system, so they are in charge of:

  • System configuration and maintenance
  • The administration of users and permissions to users, to make Dumps of the applications
  • Analysis of system processes and maintenance of backup strategies


  • Manage alerts, adjustments and troubleshooting in the SAP technical environment
  • The design of interfaces between SAP and external programs

ABAP, Advanced Business Application Programming, (Advanced Business Application Programming). SAP ABAP is the proprietary programming language of the SAP system, which is used to program most SAP products.


Through SAP ABAP we develop new transactions that do not exist in the SAP standard, and we extend existing transactions in the standard when their functionality is insufficient for the customer.


Our SAP ABAP consultant is in charge of managing the design, development and implementation of ABAP projects

  • Review technical designs to meet ABAP project requirements
  • Recommend process improvements to achieve project objectives
  • Provide technical and functional guidance to other employees

It also provides high-quality customer support throughout the project, performing a fault analysis to make the necessary corrections and improvements.


In addition, he collaborates with functional owners, architects and other personnel to develop dynamic and flexible systems to meet the needs of the company.

What is SAP?

SAP, which means Systems Applications Products in Data Processing, is an ERP management software, a computer system of vital importance for small, medium and large companies, even for public organizations.

It allows companies to correctly manage their human, productive and logistical resources and manage the different actions of a company, especially those related to production, logistics, inventory, shipments and accounting.

SAP behaves like:

This computer system covers the administrative needs of the company as well as those of its clients and provides the tools that are needed. It is a system made to measure for a client
In addition, it is a canned system that encompasses systems within companies that manufacture software and are not dedicated to a specific client but rather is aimed at meeting the needs of the current market on a broader level. The canned system is marketed through software licenses
On the other hand, it is also an open source system. As it is a group of programs, programming codes are required. A SAP system handles large amounts of data, analyzes them and allows greater speed and compliance with certain processes. It is an open source system that can be modified by the client, in the specific field of SAP the programming language is ABAP

In the same way, it is a computer system that serves to provide information. Based on data and analyzing everything processed, the system produces the information necessary to make decisions and so that they can be interpreted by those who use them.

ERP and finance

CRM and customer experience

Gestión de red y gastos

Digital supply chain

HR. and people’s commitment

Business technology platform

In short, the use of SAP brings only advantages to your company,

  • Simplicity when using it. As it is a system that does not require much technical knowledge, it makes it easier for the employee to become familiar with the system.
  • The flexibility offered by this system that allows companies to create rules in the SAP system. This will make it possible to resolve possible bugs and errors. In companies, you can decide which employees have access to the data handled by the SAP system.
  • And finally, also a great advantage such as the constant updating of the system. It is constantly changing depending on the updates that occur in the markets or productivity.
Who are we addressing?

Smart companies thrive in the context of the industries in which they compete. SAP offers solutions that can help your company operate better with business processes based on best practices and smart technologies.

The list of industries that SAP serves is vast and has grown dramatically since its inception. It is found in industries such as those related to:

  • raw materials management, mining and agriculture companies
  • gas and oil
  • chemical
  • metallurgical
  • pharmaceuticals
  • construction materials
  • consulting and software
  • health services
  • public administration

Ultimately, the function is: organize all the actions that are part of the company’s plan.

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