Why choose BigCore as your Salesforce consultant?
We improve your Salesforce situation or if you still do not have the best CRM software, we will implement it, guide you and transform your relationship with the customer
Experts in Salesforce technology, our consultants excel in mastering conceptual knowledge about cloud technologies and databases, and they will guarantee that you will find yourself duly certified in Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Service and MKT
As Salesforce consultants we have a high organizational capacity, proactivity, people skills, patience, results and customer orientation and great leadership capacity
With Salesforce, we solve the anywhere, anytime & anyhow paradigm
Services provided by Bigcore’s salesforce consultant

If you want to implement Salesforce software in your company, we carry out a Salesforce consulting process to optimize all its benefits.

We define a work plan, where we identify the objectives and indicators of success that can be measured, a process model and its implementation with Salesforce. We will also carry out an inventory of system integrations that are necessary, details of the data to be imported and what is more important, identification of those responsible for them. Finally, we would establish what are the necessary requirements and the final result to be achieved, collecting everything in the implementation and training plan.

How will we do it? Identifying the real requirements of your company on your client management platform.

We will analyze the vision, mission and values ​​of your organization, we will identify which processes and systems you use and which actors intervene in it, and we will list the specific requirements necessary for the implementation of Salesforce.

Next, we will agree on a detailed implementation process in the most favorable way for the company in terms of dates, actions and other aspects.

For the maximum optimization of the use of this software, Salesforce allows the development of functionalities in a personalized way, personalization

On the other hand, we implement your Salesforce CRM, automating work processes and unifying data. To do this, we parameterize the solution, to seek increased efficiency in the sales process, and to be able to migrate data from customer databases to the cloud. This involves eliminating duplicates, semantic corrections, rank validations, or unifying billing, shipping, or customer contact details.

For this implementation, we will use ETL tools to reduce task time and provide the possibility of building reliable and consistent master files.

If you already have Salesforce, but you want to optimize its maintenance and support, our consultants will assist the needs of your company and accompany your evolution in Salesforce.

We will manage the operations in the different Salesforce clouds by implementing the most appropriate service management model for your type of business.

What is Salesforce?
CRM system "customer relationship management", a customer relationship management service
CRM online, is in the internet cloud, accessible from any device and in turn is multiplatform connecting all the departments of your organization. A unified view of your customers on an integrated platform
World leader in implementing business processes in a simple way, helping companies to connect with their customers and get more information about them
Backed by a good strategy and global business planning, it allows you to improve communications and relationships between your brand and the client
Optimization of production processes of a company so that it can treat its customers individually, with personalized marketing
Integrates seamlessly with other existing data and systems protecting business data, cloud security
Salesforce on social media
Incorporates online analysis of social media allowed monitoring of online reputation of services or products
Integrate this analysis with customer service centers to enhance support strategies and solve non-conformities
Salesforce has currently developed added value, since in digital media it is difficult to manage and measure responses with the customer on social networks, for example
Who are we addressing?

The CRM presents different formats, from an interface with agendas, contacts, reports and assistance, focused on companies seeking an optimization of their marketing, to the Salesforce Enterprise solution, ideal for companies in full growth that aspire to position themselves adequately in the future.

It offers a wide line of scalable products integrated into the CRM without any complexity, so it can be adapted to any business need.

More than 150,000 companies of all sizes are using Salesforce to drive growth.

Number of companies
Increase in sales productivity
Apps integrated in AppExchange
Increased productivity on mobile devices